We have collected some problems, that you might run into and here is how to deal with them.

Remember: Customers are very important, they give you work!

Employee Handbook and Safety Statement And Risk Assessment

The Employee Handbook is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yJ5MBwmCb0V5pgpHGtR4nB5zvm0djozk8stoQft_S5k/edit?usp=sharing
The Safety Statement And Risk Assessment is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c9f2J6U3ecTTzMBCLW7kiSP1Tbrc_7o-iDpQRMRr4UA/edit?usp=sharing

Hazardous cleaning request

In case the customer asks you to clean a hazardous area, like something that you cannot reach from standing on the floor, or near dangerous electricity or gas, or blood, you have to tell the customer that you are not allowed to do hazardous tasks. Doing anything hazardous is not included in your work duties.

Cannot finish a work in time

Do your best to finish the work in time. When you arrive at the property, check everything and plan your cleaning. In case it is impossible to finish, then send a text message to the management including: You cannot finish the work; the reason; the address of the property; whether you are able to stay longer. We will contact you with what to do, please give us time to get back to you, we might have to deal with schedules and call the customer. One hour would be optimal. If we couldn’t contact you in time then finish the work at the agreed time.

Damaged customer property

In case of an accident, when you broke something or did any damage to the customer, please don’t be scared. Tell the customer immediately and send us an email about the incident, so we can deal with the situation.

Running out of cleaning products

You must send an email to info@greenleafservices.ie in case you are running out of any cleaning product in the next two weeks.

You cannot access the property

In case you are at the customer and cannot access the property, you have to:
1. Ring the doorbell and if noone answers, give a call to the customer
2. If there is no answer, send a text message to the customer and to us and keep ringing the doorbell 5 times for the next 10 minutes.
3. If you couldn’t get access for 10 minutes, you have to keep waiting for 20 more minutes, ringing the doorbell every 5 minutes, and calling the customer every 10 minutes.
4. If you couldn’t get access for 30 minutes, you have to send a text both to us and to the customer that you were waiting for a half an hour and no one answered the door.
Depending our contract with the customer, a percentage of the work fee would be paid to you.

Late arrival (More, than 8 minutes)

In case you are going to arrive late to the customer, you have to give her/him a call immediately when you realized that you will be late. You also have to send us an email that you arrived late to the customer so we are aware of that in case of any complaint and we could promptly deal with the situation.

Customer complaint

If you have a hard time with the customer, ask him/her very politely to contact us with any issues she has.
In case of any complaint, you must send us an email about (1) what the complaint was and (2) your description of the situation. We then can promptly deal with the situation and retain the customer.

You found extra cash that might be your tip

Only if the customer told you that it is your tip then you can take the money. We all could be in big trouble in case of any misunderstanding or mistakenly taken cash

A customer that pays cash usually did not give the payment to you.

Let us know about it at your weekly email report.

Personal injury

In case of any personal injury or probable injury, you have to report it to us by email to info@greenleafservices.ie