“The COVID19 virus persist on surfaces for hours and up to several days in the absence of effective cleaning. Thorough and regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces is essential. If disinfection is required it must be performed in addition to cleaning, never as a substitute for cleaning.” – quoted from the Return to Work Safely Protocol (available here) that the Irish government issued in response to the COVID19 pandemic.

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Return to Work Safely information

Cleaning of work areas must be conducted at regular intervals. Further information on cleaning is available from the ECDC website (available here)

The safety protocol states that employers must:
▪ implement thorough and regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. If disinfection of an area is required it must be performed in addition to cleaning, never as a substitute for cleaning.
▪ ensure contact/touch surfaces such as table tops, work equipment, door handles and handrails are visibly clean at all times and are cleaned at least twice daily.
▪ implement modified cleaning intervals for rooms and work areas. This applies especially for washroom facilities and communal spaces. Cleaning should be performed at least twice per day and whenever facilities are visibly dirty.
▪ provide workers with essential cleaning materials to keep their own workspace clean (for example wipes/disinfection products, paper towels and waste bins/bags).
▪ increase number of waste collection points and ensure these are emptied regularly throughout and at the end of each day.
▪ modify use of hot desks to ensure that these are made available to identified staff and have appropriate cleaning materials in place for workers to clean the area before using.