New Customer Registration

We are happy to welcome you among our customers! We do everything to make sure you receive a very high quality ECO friendly service from us. In order to schedule the first cleaning, please fill in your details below.

New Customer Registration
The link have to be verified by you, please double check if Google place the marker on the correct place. The cleaner will use this link to find the property. If you don't know how to get the link, please visit these instructions (click here)
We schedule the cleaning per your request and per our availabilities
In case we don't have availabilities or we need to change the cleaning times in the future because of sickness, holidays or cleaner change, we will contact you and use this information as guidance. Please let us know which days and times are suitable for the cleanings.
Please let us know if there were any instructions to pass to the cleaner about how to find the entrance, how to enter the property and whether there is any code or alarm that need to be used.