We are a Dublin-based BnB company, and require hotel standard cleaning across more than 25 properties, several times per week. We began with utilising their services on 10 of our properties, and talked of an affiliation down the track – that was 5 months ago. Today, they operate over 25 properties, and we consider them part of our team, in many ways. We have also used their deep cleaning service, with Alex and Noemi restoring some very vile apartments to new, prior to our management.
Green Leaf Services is managed by Sylvia. She is friendly, reliable and very easy to deal with. Their new staff come fully trained, and they use eco friendly products for safety and to cause the minimal damage to the environment. On the side of improvement, we are beginning guest feedback surveys to help to consistently meet our very high standards, which on the very odd occasion, can be slightly missed. But, they are still a growing company, and they only miss ‘perfection’ 25% of the time. Even then, it’s still more than acceptable – it’s just that the other 75% of the time, our places ‘glow’ after they have cleaned them. We are working towards 95% strike-rate, and green leaf are pro-actively working with us to achieve this lofty outcome. We are very happy to recommend, and will also be happy to provide a personal assurance to anyone who may be looking at scale cleaning requirements from GLS.

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